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Brewing and Distilling Solutions

Our Complete Selection of Enzymes Essential for Brewing and Distilling

Whether you are brewing beer or distilling spirits, experts know that adding enzymes at critical points in the process can increase yield and improve flavor. Although enzymes are naturally present in grain, the addition of specially selected enzymes can vastly improve the final product.

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Custom Solutions

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Whether you are brewing beer or distilling spirits, adding enzymes during the process can increase yield and improve flavor.
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Adding glucoamylase after mash liquefaction will assist the conversion of any malted grain such as barley, wheat or rye into fermentable sugars. Converting these starches is essential to successful fermentation.

High Temperature Amylase

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HT Amylase produces glucose, a fermentable sugar, and shortens cooking time.
Adding this alpha-amylase during high temperature liquefaction will aid in the creation of fermentable sugar from unmalted cereal mashes, improving yield and shortening processing time.


Alpha-Amylase converts starch to glucose and produces fermentable sugars at moderate temperatures. Alpha-Amylase will produce fermentable sugars from starch, enhancing fermentation yield at lower cooking temperatures, reducing overall energy consumption while providing processing flexibility.


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Cellulase reduces mash viscosity by breaking down cellulosic materials, improving solid-liquid separation and filtration. Cellulase can be used in both mashing and fermentation to lower viscosity and improve overall filtration time for more efficient production.

Other Carbohydrases

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BIO-CAT offers several other specialized carbohydrase enzymes. Pullulanase and β-glucanase are used to improve conversion hold and attenuation control. Xylanase is used for mash and filtration optimizing.

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