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Probiotics for Humans

Supporting Health and Wellness Through Probiotics

Commensal microbes that naturally inhabit the human body play an important role in wellness both inside and out.

Probiotic ingredients can complement or boost the body’s own commensal microbes and may be formulated into dietary supplements, nutritional powders, and a vast array of food matrices. BIO-CAT Microbials specializes in the development and manufacture of microbial strains from the Bacillus genus of bacteria. Bacillus species form endospores that show high survivability and stability in dietary supplements, foods, and the human gut. Partner with us for safe, stable, and effective probiotics.

Custom Solutions

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From concept to clinically substantiated claims, we will guide you through the steps of probiotic development to ensure intelligent design, optimized performance, and differentiated product offerings.

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Our OPTIBIOME® proprietary strains are grown right here in the USA. Ask us today about how we can partner with your business to add high quality probiotics to your products.

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Custom Formulation

The right enzyme or microbial for your precise application

Custom Blending

Large blending capacity, production and packaging

Custom Product Development

Your partner in innovating new products

Custom R&D Projects

From basic research through development and tech support

Quality Assurance & Control Support

Every product rigidly tested in our in-house lab

Regulatory Support

Regulation review, safety, import/export and more

Let’s Develop Something Together

We’re as passionate as you are about scientific innovation that matters

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