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Since 1988, BIO-CAT has curated the most comprehensive portfolio of Japanese enzymes for the U.S. dietary supplement industry. BIO-CAT is the exclusive distributor of both Amano Enzyme, Japan and Shin Nihon Chemical Co., Ltd.

Why Japan?

Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, having achieved remarkable growth in the second half of the 20th Century. Its role in the international community is considerable. It is a major aid donor, and a source of global capital and credit. The Futurebrand Country Index (measuring metrics such as quality, ethics, safety, innovation, reliability, trustworthiness), ranks Japan at #1. Japan excels in technology, having quality and authentic products, and has a 93% rating of being a recommended place to visit or good to do business with*. Famous and reputable Japanese brands also include Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Sony. Japan is the only Asian country in the top 15, with the remaining 14 being primarily from Europe.



About Amano Enzyme

Founded in 1899 by Ennosuke Amano, Amano Pharmaceutical initially sold medicine for household distribution. Fast forward to 1948, Amano began to focus on developing medicines from enzymes, using a fermentation method known as Koji.

The Koji fermentation method, perfected in Japan, produces enzymes from non-genetically modified (non-GMO) strains. This makes it possible to produce very specific enzymes in small batches, and also allows production of specialty enzymes with various side activities.

BIO-CAT’s founder, Ed Schuler, began working with Amano in 1980. This partnership has endured over 30 years and 3 generations for both the Amano and Schuler families. Amano now has 9 locations globally, and is considered the leading specialty enzyme producer in the world.

About Shin Nihon

Founded in 1959, Shin Nihon is a specialized manufacturer of unique enzyme products. They have two industrial sites in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi; Anjyo and Nishio. Shin also uses the Koji method of fermentation to produce their enzymes. Shin Nihon is committed to ensuring the legacy of Jokichi Takamine, who pioneered enzyme engineering and was the first to discover adrenaline.

BIO-CAT began working with Shin Nihon in 2011, praising the enzymes for their excellent specificity, quality and effectiveness. BIO-CAT became the exclusive distributor of Shin Nihon enzymes to the US dietary supplement market. These products are commercialized on Shin Nihon’s trademark, Sumizyme™

*FutureBrand Country Index 2020 | FutureBrand examines and ranks consumer brands, and country indexes.
**Global Innovation Index 2021

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