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Clinical Studies & Substantiation

At BIO-CAT, We Take

Substantiation Seriously.

We routinely carry out comprehensive experimentation of enzyme and microbial performance at our in-house R&D labs. We aim to further substantiate nonclinical data, when aligned with customer and consumer needs, in well-designed clinical trials that meet or exceed GLP guidelines. Our clinical studies include safety and risk analyses, ad hoc statistical tests for sufficient enrollment, randomization and blinding procedures, as well as placebo controls.

Clinically Validated and Substantiated

BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials invite collaboration, partnership, and co-development to help increase our bandwidth to deliver meaningful substantiation around the benefits of enzyme and probiotics supplementation.

BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials consistently publish new findings in prestigious journals. You can view a comprehensive list on our Patents & Publications page.

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