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On August 1st, 1988 Ed Schuler and his son, Chris Schuler, founded BIO-CAT, Inc., a wholesaler of enzymes and enzyme blends in Keswick, Virginia. Along with their business associate, Brian Huffman, they worked out of Ed’s house and Brian’s barn. They started with one small 20-kilogram blender, a few exhaust fans to control dust and a small shed for warehousing and shipping. Their vision from the beginning was to provide exceptional customer service, high-quality enzymes and same-day or next-day shipping services. Their goal was to make sure that their customers were always taken care of and satisfied. In fact, their first five customers are still with the company today!

BIO-CAT was one of the first wholesalers of dietary enzymes in the United States. They were the forerunners in developing formulas for use in digestive preparations. Over the years, they developed expertise in enzyme formulation and custom blending. BIO-CAT now offers an extensive range of products, from single-to multi-enzyme blends, serving various food, industrial, agricultural and commercial markets.