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The Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 by BIO-CAT. Brian was a dedicated and instrumental employee from BIO-CAT’s founding in 1988 and embodied the spirit that anything was possible with hard work and perseverance. He also believed in “giving back” whenever one was able to. This $5,000 scholarship was created with that in mind; to give back to the students, give back to the community, ultimately giving back to build a better future, and to always do so in Brian’s memory.
As in prior years, BIO-CAT interviewed an incredibly talented group of students as candidates for the scholarship. There was one individual who distinguished their candidacy by displaying the kind of confidence, persona, and passion for her future that excited us all. BIO-CAT is pleased to award this year’s Brian Huffman Scholarship to Nicole Harlow of Louisa County High School

Nicole becomes the seventh recipient of this $5000 award. This year the scholarship committee received a record setting thirty-one applications. Each of the 2020 applicants’ individual stories and accomplishments were worthy of being chosen. Nicole set her academic and community service goals to a high bar, including earning her CNA certification. The committee was highly impressed with Nicole’s essay and her spirited commitment to the Louisa community. She flourished in Louisa’s community spirit leading her choose James Madison University to continue her education. Not only does JMU have a wonderful nursing program but also carries the same close- knit culture she loves. Nicole plans to obtain her degree in pediatric nursing and desires to return to Louisa County to give back to the home that has given her so much.

As Nicole states, “If I could make a difference in at last one person’s life each day then I would be the happiest girl in the world” and feels her experiences have taught her to “be a true leader not driven by selfish motivations rather pushed by my love for the community”. This echoes Brian’s outlook in his own life to selflessly lead and help others. Best wishes Nicole in all your future endeavors.